Signs, vests, safety training, what now changes in the hunt

Hunters do not compromise on safety. The proof with the publication of a decree of the Ministry of Ecological Transition in the official journal. It makes 3 concrete actions mandatory, at the request of hunters, to reinforce safety when hunting.


During collective large game shooting hunts, as defined in the departmental hunting management plan, the hunter (including unarmed persons) must wear fluorescent clothing. ”  The vest can be integrated into a brightly colored garment such as a t-shirt, jacket or cape  “, specifies the decree of the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

Any organizer of large game hunts must post temporary signs before the start of the hunt and remove them once they are finished. These signs must be placed on the shoulder or near public roads (municipal, departmental and national roads) to indicate the main entrances to the hunting area. The issue of providing information to other nature users on these secondary axes is essential to increase everyone’s safety. This is why the FNC has studied in partnership with the French Hiking Federation other signs that can be adapted, personalized and used according to local particularities, in addition to those defined by the ministerial decree.

At the request of the FNC, hunters will be made aware of basic safety rules every 10 years . Few businesses can take advantage of such a device to upgrade their knowledge and practices. Following the publication of the decree,  holders of a hunting license have a period of 10 years to meet this obligation to upgrade,  specifies the Ministry of Ecological Transition. The terms of information and convocation are set by the Departmental Federation of Hunters. The training program, which is in the process of being finalized, is defined by the FNC, after consulting the OFB.

Finally, a departmental safety commission is also set up autonomously, which must be set up within each departmental or interdepartmental federation of hunters. This new federal body is only advisory, and its opinion can then lead the federation in question to refer the matter to the Prefect or the OFB in the event of the need to take a sanction against a hunter indisputably implicated in a case. accident or breach of safety rules.

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